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    Refactoring of Read / Write interfaces and naming conventions · a9813540
    Pádraig Ó Conbhuí authored
    Change log:
    * Added continuous integration
      * Formatting, documentation, static analysis
      * Compilation and testing with GCC and Clang on Linux with FFTW3 and MPICH.
    * Refactored trace metadata storage classes. Now called `Trace_metadata`.
    * Refactored low-level I/O class, now called `Binary_file`, with an MPI implementation called `MPI_Binary_file`.
    * Refactored file reader and writer interfaces, removing the need for an object layer, making specialization for new seismic file types more obvious.
    * Renamed namespaces to use all lower-case.
    * Added a number of static analysis checks, including the cases of variables and functions.
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