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    Support for getmd feature · 3269d433
    Ciarán Ó Rourke authored
    Change log:
    * Send bad message upon entering unsupported request handler
    * add c++ wrapper for pho_attrs_foreach
    * Phobos_file::get_meta_data returns vector of key-value pairs
    * Phobos_file::get_meta_data functions like:
    * phobos_getmd_cpp fills the descriptor with attributes for the requested object
    * phobos_attrs_foreach_cpp loops over the attrs and returns them to the stream
    * Fifo::get_meta_data simply passes on the result of the storage call
    * Fifo::get_meta_data returns vector of key-value pairs
    * add Getmd request handler
    * add getmd_request_handler.h to headers
    * request handler has a meta_data member variable
    * fill meta_data variable with Phobos attributes
    * use repeated calls to ResponseBuilder.header to fill header with Phobos attributes
    * send entire message at once
    * add support for testing getmd