Commit 4a8ca436 authored by Ciarán Ó Rourke's avatar Ciarán Ó Rourke
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Update Dockerfile to run build and run Phobos successfully

parent bca50b9d
......@@ -9,22 +9,19 @@ FROM debian
ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive
RUN apt-get -y update && apt-get -y upgrade
RUN apt-get -y install git vim sudo curl tmux python3-pip
RUN mkdir -p /home/project
COPY . /home/project
RUN apt-get -y install git sudo python3-pip
COPY ./project/superfiphoboserver /home/superfiphoboserver
RUN /home/superfiphoboserver/tools/ -c
RUN /home/project/superfiphoboserver/tools/
RUN /home/project/superfiphoboserver/tools/
RUN /home/project/superfiphoboserver/tools/
RUN pip3 install boto3
RUN mkdir ~/.aws
RUN echo "[default] \naws_access_key_id = OPEN_KEY \naws_secret_access_key = SECRET_KEY" > ~/.aws/credentials
RUN echo "[default] \noutput = json \nregion = eu-west-1" > ~/.aws/config
CMD ["/home/superfiphoboserver/tools/ -r"]
This will also set up amazon AWS for the s3 tools in the tests folder.
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