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    Squashed 'external/fiphoboserver/' changes from fb9d2228..a9f73a85 · 993050da
    Ciarán Ó Rourke authored
    a9f73a85 Merge branch 'devel' of into devel
    64d9fe72 fix CmakeLists
    35d03487 Merge branch 'refactor' into 'devel'
    08fdc907 update CMake Lists to do all that was formerly done by the superbuild - which really is not that much
    9a8740af Modularise project and implement abstract interfaces
    98ca3603 Added .gitignore
    9a00f70e Merge branch 'non_block_fifo' into 'devel'
    2836db9f Fix for FIFO related race conditions
    6bb805d2 Refactor source code to separate server, fifo, and backend logic
    dcb20739 Split put and get backend functions into separate files
    741edde0 Removed Phobos path variable that makes more sense in superfiphoboserver
    7b80f609 Add FIFO name to debug print statements
    f506f954 Update phobos include directory to allow for command line specification of fiphoboserver directory
    5ab9d1d9 class definition needs ;
    a61aef3d Ran Clang format
    2a3cb78f Blocking files obsolete now
    af247189 - Use randomly name fifo - getDataFromFIFO no longer uses its own thread - cleaned up some clutter
    9ff8651d GET works
    899241f9 Use download_file again
    bd5aa1e0 Temporarily say this is ok
    dd3011d8 Retry download_file
    dd776876 Merge branch 'master' of
    949005a8 Try to get size from Phobos
    182c508d Add a request handler for unsuppoorted requests
    7cd0839a Fixed typos
    473b03e8 Fixed typos
    801b7295 Further additions to get request
    52ee3f48 Remove finish get for now
    a8846b7e Fixed typos
    feb589e4 Renamed StaticHandler class to GetRequestHandler
    f459c890 Reflect renaming to get_request_handler
    08002085 Fixed typo
    19cb3ab6 Command line parsing of relevant variables
    0307fae8 Attempts at get request
    99e5e4b6 Ran clang format
    f86198f0 Ran clang format
    9114863f Ran clang format
    29bfd8de Ran clang format
    c938649e Clean up static handler, remove body output from push handler and make fiphobo compile again
    df959ea4 Clean up a bit and add Exceptions
    7c547c4a Can supply filename as command line argument
    8d8a71d0 Merge branch 'master' of
    23af509d Removed old debugging print functions
    b8d04f51 Get rid of seg fault bug
    1bb24039 Resolve merge conflict
    139959fc Merge branch 'master' of
    a9a31319 Probably cleaned up a merge conflict, not sure
    6523f140 Use std::cout
    cbfb6438 Divide the src directory for cmake into a library and an executable.
    279c2d65 More c_str()s
    0001a0c4 open needs c_str()
    4bfe395a Takes key as command line argument
    241b87be Accept key as command line argument
    4a6a40b5 Removed unneccesary .str() calls
    8fabfff8 Switch to non-blocking fiphobo
    5966b57c BUILD_BINARIES variable no longer required
    git-subtree-dir: external/fiphoboserver
    git-subtree-split: a9f73a85